Pullan Consulting Biotech Partnering

My business model is "try it, you'll like it", with a simple hourly fee and no commitment.


Servicescan include any or all of these:

  • creating business plans
  • seeking new opportunities to in-license
  • making contacts
  • setting up meetings
  • pitching out-licensing opportunities
  • structuring presentations & communications
  • evaluating opportunities & competition
  • preliminary market assessments
  • managing the diligence process
  • financial modeling and valuations 
  • negotiations (leading and advising)
  • strategy advice

Pullan Consulting 

The Licensing Process

Work is on a simple hourly basis, with the limits and tasks set by you.  The consulting agreement can be terminated at any time.  There is no minimum.  I can also do work on a project basis for a fixed cost.