Pullan's Pieces

APRIL 2023

Linda:  Top 10 drugs in 2029
Linda:  New targets without anybody in clinical or marketed
Kristine:  Rare disease deals
Trevor:  VCs waiting for wreckage to settle

Linda:  Sanofi- a snapshot
Linda:  A small analysis of license amendments
Kristine:  Licensing deal trends
Trevor:  Market Sentiment:  Up or Down?

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Linda:  Boehringer Ingelheim snapshot
Linda:  China: economy and deals
Kristine:  The impact of the US Inflation Reduction Act
Trevor:  Market Sentiment:  Not Easy

Linda:  Deal terminations in 2023
Linda:  Why deals fail to get signed?  What to do?
Kristine:  GPCRs
Trevor:  Bio Focus and Raises in Oncology

June 2023

Linda:  Protacs - an update
Linda:  Talking to the right person?
Kristine:  Cell & Gene Therapy Landscape
Trevor:  Market Sentiment:  Frozen